2014 Advocacy Conference

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Taiwan needs your support! Although Taiwan maintains and serves as a vibrant democracy in East Asia, most countries, as well as the United Nations continues to ignore the 23 million people of Taiwan and their pursuit to safeguard their democracy and future.

Join us for a 3-day conference where you will:

  1. Learn from leading experts on U.S.-Taiwan issues
  2. Master the “ABCs” of grassroots advocacy
  3. Network with a diverse group of individuals who all support Taiwan’s right to self-determination and Taiwan’s democracy

This conference culminates with you applying all that you have learned and going to Capitol Hill and speaking with your elected officials to advocate for Taiwan’s cause!

Whether you are a Taiwanese national, a Taiwanese-American, a non-Taiwanese American, or even of another nationality, your advocacy for Taiwan is all important. The greatest achievements in civil rights were ultimately a collective effort by a diverse group of supporters. As such, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to translate your love and passion for Taiwan into action!

FAPA will cover most of your lodging and meals (see the application form for more details). So the main cost to you will be the transportation to and from DC.

To see the application form and/or apply: [click here for the application]

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Lin @ cdlin@fapa.org

Main Application - Mission, Location, Fees - Program ]