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Instructions (Please read carefully before you proceed to fill out the application form)

  1. Admission: Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis, admissions priority will be given to those that will stay on Monday for the congressional visits. The last day to submit applications is Wednesday,  August 8th, 2013. Those that are accepted will receive an email with follow-up payment info.
  2. Registration fee: Applicants that receive an acceptance email will need to submit a non-refundable registration fee within a week after acceptance to reserve his or her spot. If you are a paid FAPA member this year, you are exempt from paying the registration fee. Please consider becoming an official FAPA member as a way to demonstrate your dedication to promoting our cause to help Taiwan get recognized.
  3. Costs: FAPA will be paying for participants’ lodging except those who live in the Washington DC metropolitan area. You are responsible for your own transportation to Washington, DC. FAPA will cover all your meals on Sunday and breakfast on Monday. If you are staying  for the Monday Congressional Visits, FAPA will cover your two-night lodging from Saturday to Sunday with a checkout on Monday afternoon. If you are not staying to visit Capitol Hill on Monday, FAPA will only cover your Saturday night lodging with a checkout on Sunday Evening.
  4. Payment method: FAPA accepts paypal, credit card, and personal check. Payment method will be explained in the acceptance email.
  5. Financial assistance: If you need financial sponsorship, FAPA headquarters will put you in touch with your local FAPA chapter, provided that there is one in your area. It will be solely up to the local chapter to decide whether they have the financial ability to sponsor your transportation costs to attend the conference.  Please contact if you have any questions.
  6. Dress Code & Photo ID: Remember that you must bring a valid photo ID such a state drivers license or passport. Be prepared to wear business casual throughout the event, with business formal required for the Congressional Visits on Monday, August 26th.  Ladies, please prepare comfortable shoes because we will be walking a lot on Capitol Hill.
  7. Location & Time: Please arrive on the early morning of Saturday, August 24th. Registration starts at 12pm and the conference will start promptly at 12:30pm. The closest airport is Reagan National Airport (DCA) and there will be a free hotel shuttle service available to and from Reagan National Airport (DCA).
  8. Cancellations: Since FAPA is a small non-profit organization with a tight budget, we have no choice but to ask participants whom cancel their conference registration after August 8th for the full price of the hotel rooms. August 8th is the hotels’ cut-off date for us to submit the final rooming list. FAPA is contractually bound to pay for all hotel rooms that we reserve.
  9. Making congressional appointments: We will provide information on this item in a series of emails following your acceptance. Rest assured, it is not as intimidating as it sounds, hundreds people have done it, so can you. FAPA will teach you how to make appointments, even hold your hands through the process if necessary.
  10. Personal Conduct: If accepted, each participant agrees to attend all activities in a timely manner. If the participant must miss an activity, the participant shall inform the organizers of the conference. Visiting with friends and family and sightseeing are not part of the conference curriculum. Please schedule all personal business outside of the conference dates.
  11. Privacy: Your information is kept private, we will never share your information with any third parties.
  12. Questions or comments: If you have any questions or comments please send an e-mail Christopher Lin @

Main - Application Mission, Location, Fees - Program ]

  1. Your Personal Information
  2. Are you over 18 years of age?
  3. Title
  4. Your Address
  5. Your Education
  6. What is the highest level of your education experience?
  7. About You & FAPA
  8. Are you a member of FAPA YPG?
  9. Are you on the FAPA YPG mailing list?
  10. Have you attended FAPA's national or regional conference in the past?
  11. How knowledgeable are you in regard to U.S.-Taiwan relation and political situation in Taiwan?
  12. Will you stay on Monday, to visit the offices of your Members of Congress with us? FAPA strongly encourages the participants to join the congressional visits.
  13. Lodging
  14. Your Emergency Contact
  15. Payment Information
  16. Are you going to pay online via a credit card? (You can pay via check or other methods)
  17. The applicant, hereby acknowledges that this program is made possible by the limited resources gathered from the Taiwanese American community and that such resources should not be wasted. Therefore, the applicant hereby agrees that should he or she be accepted for participation in the Conference, if applicable, he or she shall promptly inform FAPA-YPG of the inability to attend the Conference and no later than August 8, 2013, 11:59 p.m PST. The applicant further agrees that should he or she fail to strictly comply with this provision, he or she shall compensate FAPA-YPG two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) promptly and no later than September 2, 2013. Payment shall be made payable to "Formosan Association for Public Affairs" and mailed to "552 7th St. SE Washington D.C. 20003" via certified and registered mail and posted no later than September 2, 2013.
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